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The Purloined Papers
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The Purloined Papers

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Chloe Fields has been employed as a companion, housekeeper, and lady`s maid since her father`s poor investments and her brother`s reckless gambling drained the family coffers. Estranged from her family, she hopes to earn enough money to live independently in a cottage of her own. Then the news of her father`s sudden death takes her back home - and into the presence of a man she`s loved for years...

Captain Andrew Seabrook has never forgiven himself for making romantic advances toward Chloe before joining the army eleven years earlier. After being injured at Waterloo, Andrew is recuperating at Seabrook Manor when he is asked to help investigate the mysterious death of Sir Nigel Fields - and finds  his passion once again ignited by the woman he believes  he so wrongly dishonored....

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