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The Last Lover
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The Last Lover

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The Last Lover

Laura van Wormer

oprawa miękka

stan dobry

wyd. 2000

378 str.

Sally Harrington thinks she`s in the best relationship of her life. She`s a Connecticut journalist, he`s a Manhattan book editor and they`re playing for keeps. But in the course of forty - eight hours, Sally finds her love life skidding wildly off the road of respectability, her career spiraling into oblivion, her bank account emptying to zero and herself publicly exposed.

All because of one lover, the last lover, Spencer Hawes.

And now Sally can`t even find him. He`s disappeared off the face of the earth- run off, Sally believes, with Lilliana Martin, a drop - dead - gorgeous Hollywood actress. The Lilliana`s ex - boyfriend turns up dead - practically on Sally`s doorstep.

Sally`s young, talented and great - looking - and the problems invading her life seem to come in the form of other talented and great - looking people. Some carry Oscars, some carry Emmys and some carry briefcases - and then there`s the crowd that comes crashing in with guns, badges and indictments.

A fast - paced, sexy murder mystery, "The Last Lover" is about the sometimes tragic consequences of mistaking lust for love and the fury of lovers scorned.

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