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The Ice Child
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The Ice Child

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Elizabeth McGregor

powieść w j.angielskim

sztywna oprawa

stan:bardzo dobry

368 str.


When successful young journalist Jo Harper is asked to investigate the disappearance of Douglas Marshall, her initial reaction is one of dismay. She has never met Douglas, a well-known marine archaeologist, and has little sympathy for his current obsession: the fate of the crew of the Franklin expedition  who , in 1847, vanished without trace in the Arctic while trying to find the North-west Passage. Having found Douglas, she is certainly not expecting to fall in love with him, nor she is prepared for the way in which her life is subsequently overturned by tragedy  and the haunting echoes of events 150 years ago.

Two years on, Jo has only her adored son Sam to remind her of her late partner. When Sam falls ill there is just one slim hope: that his stepbrother  John may hold  the key to his  survival. But Jhn has disappeared. Seeking absolution for his part in the accidental death of his father and tortured by their failed relationship, John has set out alone against impossible odds to fulfil Douglas`s dream.

As uncanny parallels begin to unfold between the last horrifying days of the Franklin expedition  and the crisis facing Sam, Jo is plunged into a desperate race against time  to save both the life of her son and the soul of her stepson.

Beautifully written and deeply moving - a spellbinding blend of history, passion and drama- "The Ice Child" is storytelling at its very best.

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