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Sarah`s Christmas
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Sarah`s Christmas

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Sarah`s Christmas

Elizabeth Graham

oprawa miękka

stan dobry


350 str.

With all the warmth and cheer of the holiday season, bestselling author Elizabeth Graham sweeps us back to 1890 and Little Betlehem, Missouri, where a young teacher will soon learn a lesson about love.


Lovely schoolteacher  Sarah Calder was looking forward to sharing in Little Betlehem`s joyous holiday festivities, until she discovered Hunter Winslow had moved back to town. Seven years ago, Hunter had jilted her and married another woman, leaving Sarah nothing but memories of their soft mistletoe kisses. Now a widower with a troubled young son to raise, he was offering her promises of love. But Sarah couldn`t afford to trust Hunter again...or admit that she still longed to be swept into his arms.


Hunter realized his marriage had been a mistake from the beginning, and stayed for the sake of his son, Nicholas. While he`d never forgotten Sarah, or stopped caring for her, he knew she had every reason to hate him - even as she gave her heart to Nicholas. How would he ever gain her trust, and win back the love she tried to deny? As the town glowed with the rosy lights of the holiday, and a guardian angel came to visit, all things suddenly seemed possible...including the miracle of love.

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