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Ride a Dark Horse
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Ride a Dark Horse

Dostępność: Dostępny

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Stan magazynowy: 1 szt.

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Cena: 13,00 zł

Cena poprzednia: 25,00 zł

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Ride a Dark Horse

Lynn Hall

oprawa twarda

stan dobry

wyd. 1987

"Gusty" McCaw has a life many teenage girls can only dream of. Living at Tradition Farm gives her independence  and the chance to work with the horses she loves so much. But her happiness is shattered  when her father is killed in an accident  that looks very much like murder. Then Gusty discovers that another horse is being bred in place of Tradition`s valuable prize stud, Ambassador, and she realizes that something suspicious - and dangerous - is going on at Tradition Farm. Which horse is being switched with Ambassador for breedings and why? And how does her father`s shameful death fit into the puzzle?

Gusty is determined to uncover Tradition`s dark secret, but someone is equally determined that Gusty never reveal her knowledge and will stop at nothing - even murder - to keep her quiet. Stripped of her good name, unable to trust anyone, Gusty must solve the mystery alone, using only her sharp wits and her courage. Mystery fans  and horse lovers alike will enjoy bthis fast-paced thriller set in the high-stakes world of horse breeding and featuring a spunky, quick-witted heroine."

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