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Comprehensive Dictionary of Engineering and Technology

Comprehensive Dictionary of Engineering and Technology

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Comprehensive Dictionary of Engineering and Technology


volume two

stan dobry


oprawa twarda

1399 str.

This dictionary contains carefully sifted vocabulary from the French-English volume. It has also been significantly enlarged by the inclusion of terms relating to the recent developments  in technologicals fields such as space travel, nuclear technology, the environment and energy. With a total of 195 546 entries it is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date technological dictionaries availbale.

The author has been careful to place each term strictly within its own specialized field. All branches of modern industry have been dealt with-from raw materials and their extraction to the numerous processing industries with their products, research, development and manufacture. Also included are farming, chemistry, electrical engineering, electronics, transport and commerce, the increasingly diversified branches of telecommunications; and finally, and particularly importantly, data processing and microprocessors. The use of a computer to produce this volume enabled it to be updated right up to the time of printing.

Current physical units (S-I Units)have been added. To assist the user of the dictionary , conversion factors are given in cases where units habe become obsolete. Terms peculiar to belgian, Swiss, Canadian, and US usage have been included where possible and indicated as such.

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