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Charles-a Prince of Our Time

Charles-a Prince of Our Time

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Judith Campbell


stan dobry; oprawa twarda; wyd.1981; 96 str.; ładne wydanie albumowe


Prince Charles is probably the most popular and eagerly sought after member of any Royal Family and the announcement of his engagement to Lady Diana Spencer was greeted with joy the world over.

As a child the Prince was shy and resesrved and this book looks at the absolute dedication with which he has tackled his duties to become the joke-cracking extrovert  he appears today. "Charles, A Prince of our time" studies Diana e effect of a changing world on the monarchy, with the problems and pressures exerted on the heir apparent. His life at school and university, his love of the outdoor life and his fairy-tale romance with Lady Diana Spencer are all covered.

With ver 90 colour illustrations this book is an absorbing record of a king in the making.

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