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A Different Kind of Love

A Different Kind of Love

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Sheelagh Kelly

oprawa miękka

stan  dobry


616 str.


A soldier`s love of regiment; a nurse`s devotion to humanity; a man`s craving for physical love that ruins the lives of those who rely on him...

The Great War is at its height , and while RSM Probyn Kilmaster is proud to pass on his expertise  to the raw recruits bound for France, he is unprepared for the carnage into which he must lead them. Meanwhile, in the Yorkshire pit village of Denaby Main his wife, Grace contends with the hardships of bringing up their children alone. Armistice comes, but so does fresh tragedy, and for the young Kilmasters theur father`s well-meaning attempt to keep the family together leads instead to cruelty and oppression. Now each of them must strive to escape and carve their own path in life. But, for the sensitive  Beata, the struggle will continue into adulthood, the Depression and another World War.

An emotional and absorbing novel following the fortunes of the Kilmaster family through the dramatic years of World War I and its aftermath.

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